Where We Excel

At Holton, we develop permanent energy reduction strategies, and implement permanent energy reduction solutions by way of:

New, cool energy efficient single ply roof system

Energy-conscious Roofing Systems

Energy-conscious Wall Enclosure Systems

Complete Façade Replacement

Buildings are complex by nature, with many interacting parts and systems. It is our belief that a building, along with its energy consumption habits, needs to be viewed, analyzed, and enhanced in a holistic fashion in order to maximize energy productivity.

With the uses of today’s technologies for lighting, HVAC, windows, roofing, facades, boilers, as well as building controls factored in, Holton creates effective energy consumption savings plans. By implementing the most advanced energy consumption monitoring and control technologies, we offer our clients on average a 30-50% reduction in energy usage.

Holton works within the federal, state, civic, and private markets, specializing in large, high end commercial construction.

It is often cheaper to save energy than to buy it. Energy efficiency is America’s greatest energy resource.

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