Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara, CA

The roofing portion of this project in Santa Barbara, CA utilized a 20-ounce copper standing seam system over rigid insulation. In addition to the roof, there was a very complicated inverted, curved, copper fascia / built in gutter assembly which was designed, engineered, and installed by the roofing team. Holton was involved early on in the design process, and coordinated the roofing team which consisted of a local small business partnered with a larger business entity to successfully complete this scope of work.

Nashville Music City Center

Music City Center

Nashville, TN

This state of the art convention center is located in downtown Nashville, TN. Holton served as the team leader coordinating the metal wall panel enclosure systems for the project. The metal wall panel team consisted of local manufacturers, suppliers, small dis-advantaged business entities, as well as some larger metal wall panel firms.

Colorado History Center

Colorado History Center

Denver, CO

This custom designed, metal panel soffit enclosure system served as one of the prominent architectural design features of this state of the art museum in downtown Denver, CO.

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